The quality, home-made sausage production process

Can Dorca manufactures its products in a closed production cycle, in order to monitor each stage essential in the making of its totally guaranteed high quality range of sausages and pork products.

The Production Process

Our products are attained by strictly monitoring the entire production process, from start to finish, from covering, breeding and suckling to feeding and rearing our animals on our own farms, as well as in open, controlled areas, to slaughter with strict hygiene controls and the production, labelling and sale of our products.

Carefully Selected Meat

The first step in the success of our products is based on the careful selection of the meat we use from Duroc and Landrace breeds, which are slaughtered at optimum animal weight. Three-generations of experience, from a company that has been supplying the market non-stop since 1932 ensures quality results. Can Dorca has been officially-recognised with awards from the Catalan Government.