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Can Dorca manufacture pork products, dry-cured sausages, cooked sausages and fresh meat products in a traditional way.
Our pigs are raised in farms in the country region of La Garrotxa, an environment that guarantees maximum product quality.
Can Dorca is one of the few traditional slaughterhouses that still exist in Catalonia.

Fresh products - Can Dorca Sausages


Fresh meat of the highest quality. Cut and prepared in our slaughterhouse with the highest hygiene guarantees.VIEW FRESH PRODUCTS

Cooked sausages Can Dorca


The traditional manufacturing processes we use for our cooked sausages at Can Dorca guarantee a natural product with the highest quality and a traditional flavour.VIEW COOKED SAUSAGES

Embotit curat Can Dorca


The natural drying facilities at Can Dorca ensure the production of a dry-cured product with the taste of a traditional country sausage.VIEW DRY-CURED SAUSAGES


Traditional sausages

from La Vall de Bianya, in La Garrotxa

The success of our production processes centres on the careful selection process of the meats we use, which come from Duroc and Landrace breeds. The animals are slaughtered at optimum weight in order to attain a high-range line of cooked and dry-cured sausages. DISCOVER CAN DORCA’S TRADITIONAL METHODS